A Channel 7 Actor’s Face Shrunken after Being Challenged for This

This channel 7 actor is not anyone else, but “Kaotoo Polpoj Ploonil”, the main character from “Tepsamradoo”. It was not an easy journey for him to get into this entertainment industry, but with his effort and hard work, he made it eventually. However, when it comes to working hard, he is likely to have less time to take care of himself. With this reason, sometimes when he is on a roll, his face does not look well and quite swelled. It became an obstacle for him to work.

Before picture

Aya Clinic has brought out a new innovation for lifting up and melting fat in just one step without a surgery, which is an Ultraformer III machine.

How HIFU Works

Releasing energy through ultra sound with high intensity stimulates in producing collagen to the skin; as a result, it tightens your skin and makes it firmer. During the process, you may feel a little warm as if laser process. However, the result with HIFU is more noticeable and takes only 30 – 45 minutes.

We invited the actor to use this Ultraformer III machine, and he gladly accepted the challenge because he had tried several things and none of them gave him a definite result. Let us take a look at the result.

After picture

So what do you think about the before and after pictures of using Ultraformer IIII with Kaotoo? As we said, his face quite shrank and noticeably became different. His face will look smaller and longer after 1 month and will last about 8 – 12 months. Besides that, his face is also firmer than ever.

Before and After Ultraformer III Picture

If you do not believe what you, you can come and try it yourself with the Ultraformer III at Aya Clinic from the 2 branches. We guarantee that you will be another person whose face will shrink. That is because we always provide the best for our customers.

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