Face Ruined Because of a Steroid Product

          My name is Pam and I would like to share my story to you and especially those who love to buy facial creams on the Internet. I hope my story would be a lesson for everyone. So let me get started. Personally, I was just a regular teenager who loved to look good just like every girl. I loved dressing up very much. As years had gone, I felt that my facial skin was not smooth and I started to have small comedonal acnes. At first, I thought I was allergic to some creams or makeup I was using, so I did not pay attention for that. I had still continued wearing makeup concealing my flaws up until these flaws started to spread other visible areas.

I saw one particular facial cream brand that a lot of models were advertising that “Get Fairer Skin and Free Acnes within 7 Days”, so I decided to buy it. I easily bought into with their advertisement that my acnes would be completely gone by 7 days. In the beginning, I was still doing just fine, but 1 – 2 months later, the unexpected came. All of a sudden, acnes started to appear all over face two times than I already had. I started getting comedonal acnes and they became inflammatory all over my face. I was very shocked. There was nothing I could do to heal it. I was very depressed at that time.

I decided to visit Aya Clinic because I saw the reviews how they could treat acnes very quickly. I had been quite anxious before I went it, because I was afraid that it might be just another advertising. Anyway, I made my mind, if after one month and nothing got better, then I would stop spending money at the clinic. Once I got into the clinic. I thought that the clinic seemed to have quite credible standard. So I gave it a shot. After I discussed my problem with a surgeon, I felt I had more hope. The surgeon provided me with medicine, pills, treatment and another appointment to see the result. The surgeon also recommended me avoiding wearing makeup during the treatment. I strictly followed the advice for 2 – 3 weeks and I started to see the result that my acnes seemed to be fading. I felt like I wanted to visit the clinic every week because every time I visit, it got better.


After 2 months, all of my inflammatory acnes were almost completely gone. Only scars from the acnes were still left there, however, the surgeon told me before about this situation. It made me know that the surgeon had a step-by-step plan for the treatment. Now it is the time to do the laser to remove acne scars. The surgeon uses absolute white laser for this process. Let us take a look at the picture of after the treatment.

Lastly, I hope that my story can be useful to those who are having the same problem like me, but do not know where or how to start. Most importantly, never use chemicals or non-FDA approved standard creams on the Internet, unless you will end up like me. I recommend treating your acnes with a specialized surgeon in the dermontogy field. Keep research carefully before making a decision. I have to go now and I hope all of you who have this problem, it will go away as soon as possible. Thank you Aya Clinic for giving me back my glow white face.

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