From a Countryside Girl to a Hot Girl!!

Hi! I am Mew. I am just a regular countryside girl who had an ordinary life up until I got a job in a city where I have to encounter so many beautiful girls every day. Typical right? We girls all want to look beautiful. One day I decided to have my makeover due to my boyfriend dumped me. He said I was too good for him, but the reality is, that girl was more beautiful than me. It was as simple as that. I decided to start taking care of myself; improving my look and making me look better. So I decided to apply a job at Aya Clinic, which is a beauty clinic. It is a place that I can work on developing my beauty along the way. Luckily, I am a hard working and not picky person. I did everything I could do and surgeons were kind enough to me that they gave me an opportunity to work here.

After that, I started from doing my skin treatment such as wearing skincare products. The turning point for me was when I had a chance to do thread lift to lift up my face. The result is as follows below. My face is smaller and firmer into shape.

** The result depends on each individual **


I also consulted with a surgeon on how I could make my face more beautiful. He recommended me considering a nose job. I did not wait long. I booked an appointment and did it immediately. Let us take a look how different I look.


** The result depends on each individual **

I was super excited before going into an operation room. I already thought in my mind that I was about to become beautiful and a new person. Let us take a look how different I look.

What do you think? Personally, I am very impressed with the result. It took only 10 days and I can already wear makeup regularly. I have to thank the surgeon who made my dream come true. I promise I will work the hardest I can do. For those of you who want to revolutionize your beauty, it is not that hard. If Aya Clinic could change a normal face like mine, so can yours.

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