HIFU with AYA Clinic Review: Have an On-The-Fleek Face with an Immediate Result

** Note: The result may depend on an individual, age, and post-treatment care.

Hi everyone! I am Eueng and I am back again with a review that you have been waiting for. As I updated previously that I consulted about reshaping facial structure with our beautiful Dr. Fai at Aya Clinic, and my request was that I wanted to have a firmer face. I felt that I had a problem with sagging skin and neck wattle a little bit, however, I am very afraid of needles.

Dr. Fai was so kind to give me a very good advice. She recommended me using HIFU in order to lift up my face and get more defined facial contour in just one time. I did not even have to do it twice and the result was long lasting. I was satisfied with what I had heard.



What Is HIFU?

HIFU stands for High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound. It is a technology to lift up your face, reduce wrinkles, and recover skin through sending focused ultrasound signal onto the skin in order to remove old collagen. It also helps stimulating in producing new collagen in order; as a result, you will have a firm and fit skin.


** Note: The result may depend on an individual, age, and post-treatment care.

In addition, it lifts up your skin due to heat from ultrasound signal that will get to the SMAS skin, which is a skin layer that lies between muscles and fat, hence, you will have a smaller and firmer face. HIFU machine can change its tool head so that each one can shoot into a different depth of the layer of your skin. The surgeon will assess how deep your skin should go for.

How Long Till You See the Result?

          After HIFU treatment, you can see the result immediately about 30% of it and you will see it more continually within 1 month. You will noticeably see that you facial contour is more defined. For people who have a lot of facial lines, it will be even noticeable after the treatment. It will last about 6 – 12 months depending on each individual’s body.

HIFU is suitable for the following cases:

  • Sagging skin and lacking of firmness
  • Maintain and reshape for a defined facial contour
  • Neck wattle and bloated face
  • Reshape without a use of needles


** Note: The result may depend on an individual, age, and post-treatment care.

During the time I consulted with the surgeon, she pointed out each problem that I have so that could see visually. She recommended me using HIFU on my face part and neck wattle (I have done anything on my forehead, yet). The surgeon will remove the neck wattle and sagging cheeks. So my treatment was to fix my cheeks and neck wattle. Per the price, you will need to let the surgeon estimate depending on which part you want to do or you can also do other several parts of your body.

During the treatment I felt so chill as if I was doing a laser treatment. There was absolutely nothing to be afraid of. It felt a little hot when the surgeon shot the HIFU into my skin, but it was not such a big pain or anything. I did not particularly plan myself for this at all when I decided to go. You can wear makeup, but the people at the clinic will wipe your face and clean first. After the treatment was done, it felt a little bit warm on my skin and it has rash a little, but it will complete fade away after a few hours. You can wear makeup and continue your day immediately without any recovery or anything. I would say it works very well for someone who does not want to stay for recovery or having any chemical substances into your skin. Besides that, you only do one time and then you will come back again next year.

I only did cheeks + neck wattle.

From the picture, the surgeon gradually removed my neck wattle by lifting my face to the position I wanted and then shot with HIFU to its treated area. However, it might need a special care from a specialized surgeon to hold the right face position. Now let us take a look at the post treatment result. Personally, I was very impressed with it after it was done. The surgeon even told me that it would get even better within 1 month. Let us just let the before and after picture tell the story then.

** Note: The result may depend on an individual, age, and post-treatment care.

Lastly, I would like to thank Dr. Fair and Aya Clinic Seacon Square Srinakarin for this amazing care with this time. Whoever is interested in HIFU or other programs, you can visit Aya Clinic at both branches and consult with Dr. Fai or any one from a specialized surgeon team.



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