Model Left Speechless

          A story of Ib, a model that does not believe in anything easily, as she said that she has seen so many deceiving ads and none of them were real. She believed that any advertisement these days are full of propaganda. Personally, Ib also had a problem about disproportionate face and wanted to fix it. However, she chose to work out in order to fight with excess fat on her cheeks.

Previously, there has been many clinics contacted her to try out their programs without any cost. They sent her several customer reviews to Ib, however, she was afraid to take the risk until she met Mink, one of her model friends. They had not met in a very long time and Ib was so surprised to see much her friend changed. She asked for recommendation from Mink and even wondered if she had a plastic surgery or just a makeup.

This is Mink, a former unemployed girl turned to model and a friend of Ib

Story of Mink:

Mink recommended Ib to try consulting a surgeon at Aya Clinic. In the beginning, Ib admitted that she was unsure, but she had a living proof like Mink. Therefore, she decided to make an appointment with Dr. Fai in order to fix her sagging cheeks. The sagging cheeks that simply will not go away even with an intense work out. She wondered if there was any method that she could see the result safely. Dr. Fai recommended her the Mesofat program focusing on melting excess fat on specific part of body. The medicine is FDA approved and safe without any side effect.

After a few days, the sagging cheeks of Ib have completely gone away. She even has a V shape now as an extra too. Ib was very satisfied with the result. She could not believe that a few fixings could boost her confidence this much. She gave a thumb up to Aya Clinic for this result.

“I have to say that I would rather spend money on something I can trust and see the result by my own eyes than something that is free and does not give any real result, but an extra concern. I have to thank Aya Clinic for changing perspective that not all of before and after advertising pictures are propaganda, because I have experienced it myself and seen the result with my own eyes. Thank you.”


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