Remember Meera from Strawberry Cupcake!! The Older, The Hotter She Gets

This little smart girl named Meera. She got into the entertainment industry as a presenter for Strawberry Cupcake Show. She was once popular amongst teenagers and many of you have probably heard or seen her before.

Due to she has been working since a very young age; she needed an extra care for herself. Most of the problems that she has faced were that when she was in a camera, her face did not stand out and looked round. She had to have a certain hairstyle to cover her facial flaws. Sometimes her friends would tease her about that. She started losing her confidence and fearing that she might not perform her work very well.

She did not wait long for that. She consulted her mother to find a way to solve the problem. Her mother recommended her consulting a specialized surgeon in the beauty field at Aya Clinic. Her mother was quite concerned about safety; therefore, the products and clinic that Meera would visit must live up to standard. Most importantly, she needed to look as natural as possible without looking too different from her original face. Dr. Fai was the one who was in charge of Meera’s case.

Dr. Fai recommended her fixing cheek area and facial structure in order to reduce the round face problem, as well as, to have whole facial structure look smaller.

Meera was definitely not disappointed with the result. She was very impressed with it and we were so thankful gaining back her confidence again.


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