Losing Fat with Firmer Body without Surgery with HIFU Fat Killer (MMFU)


 HIFU Fat Killer is the latest innovation using HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound), which conveys energy on a specific part of fat layer. It is newer than MMFU (Macro-Micro Focused Ultrasound), which is intensive ultrasound energy that can go deep through skin layer to subcutis without ruining upper skin layer or tissues. The thermal energy will melt the fat and excrete it naturally, thus, it can solve excess fat problems. The most common excess fat problem areas are belly fat, love handles, back hip and thigh.


It Is Suitable For:

  • People who have excess fat on various parts of their body
  • People who have cellulite and fat on an area that is difficult to rid of
  • People who want to have firm body immediately


The procedure does not take long – only 45 – 60 minutes each time.

No scar and no recovery needed after the procedure.

Subcutis will continually shrink and you will see the result clearer after 2 – 3 months

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