True Experience of How I Have Changed Myself from a Short-Chin and Round-Face Girl

Hi friends! I would love to share my experience today. Personally, I am not a fat or chubby person, but I have a face that seems to have a lot of fat stored in my cheek and jaw. What was even worse was that my chin was quite short. Huh!! I had tried staying on a diet, but nothing seemed to work out. Personally, I love to take photos, even with this face. So there more I take photos, the more I want to look good and improve facial shape. I decided to consult with clinics nearby my house, which there were so many of them. I started by doing research on their past reviews and portfolios on the Internet, as well as, safety and products. I eventually stopped at Aya Clinic. Let me show you my before filler picture.

Primarily, I informed a surgeon at the clinic how I wanted my face to be smaller and proportionate. The surgeon recommend me reducing fat on my cheek with Mesofat and reduce jaw muscle with Botox, as well as, adding filler around my chin first in order to let me see the first result whether I would like it or not. I did not wait long. I did it right away and I was super impressed with the result I had. My face became noticeably smaller and longer. Everyone who saw me kept giving compliments. I have to thank the surgeon very much for giving me such a better facial shape like this.

However, after 1 year, the filer on my chin started to melt away naturally. So I decided to go back to the surgeon again to add more. He suggested that if I liked this shape of my chin so much, may I should consider adding a high grade silicone so that I do not have to worry about adding the filler every year. I can just simply fix my cheek and jaw part only after that. So I made an appointment with the surgeon with the earliest queue.

Once the surgery day came, I was a little excited, however, thinking of the better result that I would have in the future, I completely lost my anxiety. It did not take long to do the chin augmentation. My chin slightly swelled, but it did not leave any bruises. After a quick recovery, the result is as follows.

The truth is we cannot choose how we would look like when we were born, but we can choose to reshape just a little in order to boost our confidence. I hope my story can be useful for you to some extent. Thank you to the surgeon and Aya Clinic very much that have gotten me this far and always been such a good friend. Whoever wants to look good, I definitely recommend here. You will not regret it.

Comparison between before and after

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