MADE: Reduce Rash, Acnes and Naturally Detox Your Skin by 16 Shots of Made Collagen


Made Collagen contains natural extraction such as multi-vitamins, enzyme and cell therapy such as placenta and collagen. These substances will go through the process of homeopathy.

Made Collagen Will Take Effect with 4 Steps

  1. Detoxification – a process which drives out toxic and waste by stimulating organs to excrete the waste in your body such as liver, kidney, intestine and lymph node. Detoxification is crucial for the treatment because if there is any remaining toxic or waste in the body, then the body will not be able to absorb new nutrients to adapt.
  2. Metabolism – a process which it accelerates metabolism and blood circulation in your body. With this process, your body will receive necessary food nutrients that come from blood which make your body be able to recover.
  3. Nutrients and cell therapy – contains sufficient nutrients and cell tissues that your body needs, as a result, you will have a healthy body and nice skin.
  4. Restructuring – a process to balance out for your new body. It gives your body a good immune system to diseases. You will also have a strong skin that is immune to environment and pollution from outside.


Who Are Suitable for Made Collagen?

  1. People with acne problems because it is caused from abnormal hormones balance. It is noticeable that even you are old enough, but you still have pimples like teenagers. Made collagen will help restructuring hormones balance in the body to make it normal.
  2. People with sensitive skin, allergy and rash. Made collagen will help building strong skin cell, which it also stimulates in producing new skin cell; as a result, your skin is more immune to any substances that may cause you allergy.
  3. People with melasma hormones. In a case of constantly having melasma due to abnormal hormones, it will get better after injecting with Made collagen into 16 determined shots. It will help improving in blood circulation and restructuring the melasma hormones to get better.
  4. People who want to recover fatigue skin and detox toxic from chemical products. Using Made collagen is like giving yourself a skin nutrient, as it will give you a strong and glow skin and produce new skin cell.


The Result

Facial and wrinkled problems have been there for a very long time, therefore, duration of the treatment depends on skin and age of an individual. The younger you are, the quicker the result will be – due to your current skin cell is still not bad. The fact is, there is no magic medicine that can remove you wrinkles in just one night. A regular use of Made collagen about 4 – 8 times and following a surgeon advice, there is possibility that you can eventually get rid of your skin problems.



Every other week – duration of the result varies. Some people see the result the first time they do it, however, for some people who have serious skin problem may need to do the treatment at least 4 – 8 times depending on your skin condition.

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