Slimfast Program : dissolve fat  in 3 days.

The best of being in shape. to strengthen self-confidence Is to have a slim fast shape, which is the ultimate way to reduce fat. or the dissolution of fat in many parts of the body where the accumulation of fat is easily and abundant, such as the dissolution of belly fat arm fat dissolution thigh fat loss or even dissolving fat, wattle cheeks Makes the face slender, get a beautiful figure, etc. because Slim fast is considered an urgent fat reduction. along with lifting the body perfectly and can see immediate results in just 3 days


The main cause of obesity

The main cause of fat accumulation is lifestyle habits such as

  1. Eating foods that cause excess body fat accumulation Especially in positions that are clearly visible such as the abdomen, upper arms, face, etc.
  2. lack of exercise which resulted in increasing weight continuously Even after trying to lose weight through various forms of exercise. but unable to reduce excess fat
  3. drinking alcohol or drinks with too much sugar including smoking
  4. Stress causes the body to release a lot of cortisol, which helps control and manage stress. which this substance affects the metabolism and stimulate the cells in the body to accumulate more fat Or some people when stressed eat more food. As a result, there is more belly fat.
  5. hereditary obesity It was found that genetics affects only 40-70% of obesity, and the accumulation of fat causes obesity. They all come from the daily behavior of the individual.
  6. Lack of sleep affects metabolism. Makes the body unable to use food to fully burn into energy. and if it is a high calorie food except during sleep Metabolism will not be enough. It can also cause fat accumulation in the body.

However, nowadays, there are various technologies to choose from that help to dissolve fat in specific areas as needed. Slim fast is one of the choices of modern people. who want clear, fast results, and most importantly, is safe have few side effects It doesn’t take time to recuperate. Compared to the method of dissolving fat by liposuction or fat surgery

การฉีดสลายไขมัน Slim fast

What is mesofat lipolysis?

Because the fat dissolving injection with Meso Fat It is an injection of a drug that helps break down fat into the fat layer. It is a method to reduce fat and reduce cellulite in specific areas without surgery. Helps to reduce and tighten the proportions to get the desired shape. The working principle of mesofat fat dissolving injection is to use the drug to help the fat break down or decompose, after which the fat will be excreted through the excretory system. reduce the fat in the injected area Including having the ability to accelerate fat burning. Help reduce the process of new fat cells as well. How to inject fat with Meso Fat It is popular to inject to reduce the proportion at specific points of the body that have accumulated a lot of fat. to decrease faster from normal methods such as Meso Fat injections to dissolve fat in the cheeks arm fat dissolution lose thigh fat hip lipolysis and belly fat dissolution, etc. There are 4 main types of Meso Fat drugs that are widely used:

  1. Mesostabil (Mesostabyl) acts to reduce and inhibit the formation of new fat. and cholesterol in tissue layers
  2. L-carnitine (L-carnitine) acts to help break down fat and turn fat cells into energy. Including the breakdown of excess fat under the skin as well
  3. Tyrosine (Tyrosine) acts to accelerate the fat burning system in the body.
  4. Artichoke extract acts to reduce the production of fatty acids. and reduce fat levels in specific areas


Working principle of fat dissolving injection And is it dangerous to inject?

Principle of fat dissolving injection It is an injection of a drug that helps break down fat in specific areas that want to lose fat. The drug will enter the fat layer. to break down excess fat After fat injection will break down Turns into liquid fat and gradually excreted through the excretory system such as urine, sweat, which if it is a fat dissolving injection with quality drugs And performed by an experienced and trusted doctor or specialist. Along with the equipment and tools that are clean and meet standards, they will not cause any harm to the service recipients. and service users can be confident in their safety and can be confident in the results

What areas are popular for fat dissolving injections?

fat dissolving injection It is commonly performed in areas where there is a large accumulation of fat and is clearly visible. It can be injected to dissolve fat all over the face, suitable for those who have problems with excess fat on the face, have cheeks, chubby cheeks, puffy cheeks who want to have a slender face. There is a clearer face frame. and fat dissolving injections around the body, suitable for those who want to reduce excess fat in specific areas.This will help reduce fat accumulation. and lift and tighten the shape to be proportionate naturally The most popular areas for fat injection are:

  • Belly or abdominal fat dissolving injection
  • upper arm fat dissolving injection
  • thigh fat dissolving injection
  • calf fat dissolving injection
  • hip fat dissolving injection
  • Fat dissolving injection, dewlap cheeks under the chin to help adjust the face shape to look slender and get a better shape.

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Advantages of fat dissolving injections with Slimfast formula

Slim fast is a specific fat reduction program. that sees clear and fast results Its working principle is similar to that of Mesofat injection, a simple formula that uses enzymes to digest and destroy fat and cellulite that are clumped together. to break down into liquid fat and then excreted through urine and sweat

While the Slim fast program, a specific formula, is urgent Results can be seen faster and more clearly than conventional formulas, with the highlight being fat reduction along with lifting that can see results within 3 days only. Slim fast, a specific urgent formula, has the following advantages:

  • It is high security procedure
  • There are less side effects compared to fat reduction by liposuction.
  • fat dissolving injection with no surgery Therefore, there is no need to waste time recuperating.
  • There is only slight swelling for 3-4 hours, no pain and no pain.
  •  fat dissolving injection is cheaper than liposuction or surgery.
  • fat dissolving injection can choose to reduce fat only in the desired area

ข้อดีการฉีดสลายไขมัน Slim fast

Precautions to be taken before fat dissolving injections ?

before undergoing fat dissolving injections should act as follows:

  • Refrain from taking fibrinolytic drugs, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, vitamin E and C, herbs such as ginseng, ginkgo leaves, and dietary supplements. Fish oil type about 2 weeks before fat dissolving injection.
  • Refrain from smoking and refrain from drinking alcohol for about 2 weeks before fat dissolving injection.
  • Should wear clothes that are front buttons. for easy disassembly on the day of fat dissolving injection
  • Inform the doctor or specialist about your personal identity, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, thyroid

Symptoms after fat dissolving injection that may be found ?

after fat dissolving injection There may be common symptoms such as swelling from the amount of drug injected for about 3-4 hours, but there is no pain. no inflammation and there may be some recipients After fat dissolving injection, such as dissolving belly fat when the fat is almost completely reduced will result in sagging skin around the abdomen Therefore, there should be exercise. Or use the HIFEM slimming machine that will help improve sagging. Build muscle and tone at the same time. including modifying eating habits to control weight and excess fat Not to be collected again

Caution for people who inject fat dissolving

Nowadays, fat dissolving injections are highly cautioned. If it is a drug that is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration in Thailand And there are no research results certifying that those substances will actually be able to break down fat for the body. will cause harm and have many side effects, so for safety and to prevent the side effects that will follow Service recipients increase caution. and should pay attention to choose a beauty clinic that provides fat dissolving injection services And the drug is actually used according to FDA standards, as well as being a service place with tools, equipment, clean, standardized and injected by a doctor or a reliable specialist.

Precautions to be taken after fat dissolving injections ?

After receiving the fat dissolving injection service, the service recipient should perform the following procedures:

  •   Adequate rest should be at least 8 hours on the first day after fat dissolving injection.
  •   Refrain from pressing or massaging the fat dissolving injected area. You should let the medicine absorb and collapse under the skin itself.
  • Refrain from sauna, laser treatment, and avoid exposure to strong sunlight. After fat dissolving injection, at least 7 days
  • abstain from alcohol After fat dissolving injection, at least 7 days
  •  drink plenty of water At least 2 liters per day after fat dissolving injection To help more fat to be excreted from the body through urine.
  •  Take all medications as prescribed by your doctor. and if abnormal symptoms from fat dissolving injection are found Should hurry back to see a doctor immediately.

How many times do you inject fat with Slimfast formula to see results?

In general, after fat dissolving injection, results can be seen from the first time. The fat will begin to dissipate about 10-15% and see clear results for about 1-3 weeks. However, the results will depend on the injection site. Fat density, such as fat dissolving injections around the body or injection to dissolve belly fat Multiple injections may be required. in order to get the results that the service recipient wants In addition, the results will be clear and last for how long. It depends on the discipline of living of the individual. If the recipient of the fat dissolving injection service have food control that does not create new fat cells and exercise appropriately and regularly as well will deliver results that last longer and the result will not just maintain a good shape not only in proportion, but also to have good health and strength, which is a worthwhile result as well


Fast and clear results make the fat dissolving injection method widely popular. together with safety standards that do not cause side effects regarded as the heart which the service users themselves Will have to study the information and pay attention to details, including choosing a beauty location standardized tools The drug used must pass FDA standards and be inspected for operation by a doctor or a trusted specialist. before entering the service as well

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Makeover รีวิว

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