Get to Know “Thread Lift”. From a Round Face Girl to a V Shape Girl!

 Hi! After I have opened my blog “Beauty Guru”, today, I have someone to show you, whose name is Baitong. She is a university friend of mine, so we have not seen so much of each other these days. I just had a chance to meet her this early year. She has never looked better!! Because of my interest in beauty and cosmetic surgery, we ended up having a very fun conversation. She told me that she had thread lift done and it was so goooooood. The minute I heard the word, thread lift, I had to immediate ask for proof in order to know whether she only imagined or something. The first thing she showed me was her past picture (as you see now). It is noticeable that her face is now more defined contour. I can confirm that! She told me she was born with a round face. Now she is quite petite, but her face is still round due to aging – sagging skin starts to crawl to you. So I directly asked her “Seriously, what have you done?” She told me that she only had a nose job, Botox, filler and the latest was thread lift. (Um! The word only should not have been in the same sentence haha.) At that time, she consulted with Dr. Prin at Aya clinic (Srinakarin Seacon Square branch). Eventually she decided to do the thread lift there because it is her regular off-to-go clinic. She said the surgeons gave really good advice. In the beginning she was also a little afraid to do the thread lift, but when Dr. Prin explained the whole process of benefits of the thread lift, her fear started to relieve a lot. The surgeon recommended her using the latest thread lift technique originally from Korea. It is strong, sticky and difficult to be torn apart. It helps very well on lifting up her face. The thread that is used in the procedure is a 8D thread, as we have heard many times of cog thread, Piranha cog thread or fish cog thread. Because of excess cheek fat, 8D was the most suitable one for her. The specialty of this thread is that it is coated with vitamin C, which helps whitening skin color. So the procedure of the thread lift is that, the surgeon will clean her face first in order to prevent from infection or inflammation. After the cleaning, the surgeon will inject anesthetic. She said it felt slightly painful during that injection, but it quickly went away. After that, the surgeon will shoot a needle into a treated position in order to make it easy to extend the thread. The surgeon will select a blunt needle for doing the thread lift. The reason is that, the blunt needle can reduce the likelihood of causing any scars on the face. In Baitong’s situation, the surgeon used 3 threads from each side. [So now the question that many of you are probably interested to heat if it hurt or not. She quickly said to me “Not a thing. When the needle was hot, I did not feel anything because I was on anesthetic. The only slight pain I felt was when I was injected with that anesthetic and then shot with a needle. But the rest was fine. I can confirm”] Hearing from her experience, it makes me want to try it immediately. For those of you who are interested in thread lift, you can rest assured that it is not as painful as you think it might be. After the surgeon finished thread lifting, he would cut off the excessive thread, and it will not even be noticeable. After the thread lift done, she said she was super impressed with Dr. Prin because of light hand (take a look at the post-thread lift picture and see how nice it is!!). Before we left, she had excitingly encouraged me to try it and also said that anyone who has problems with sagging or wrinkled face, thread lift can definitely help with these problems. Her current on-the-fleek facial shape only spent with a budget of 10K+. [The price will still depend on each individual’s facial structure.] The result of thread lift lasts 4 – 5 months. Anyone who is interested in thread lift at Aya Clinic, I recommend you trying it now. They currently have promotion and the starting price is only 14,999 baht. For more information, visit

2 weeks after thread lift, you can feel that your face more rested and firmer

After 1 month, it will be noticeable that you face has lifted up, smaller face and people will start to address the difference and give compliments

And this is the picture that Baitong had sent me before I wrote this review 3 days ago. She looks damn good! Lastly, I would like to say to my readers of “Beauty Guru” that “If you want to look beautiful or do surgery in order to increase your confidence, go for it. I will be here to support too. But, if you want to look good, do not risk. Please, do some research about a particular clinic or hospital you are interested first. It may have high price, but it is better than putting your look on the edge. At least, you know that you are in a safe and quality standard hand.   Thanks for the lovely review from Beauty Guru More reviews >>> Thread Lift: Transform a Mother to a Sister