8D Thread Lift Experience Review

Today, we would like to present a story of Toi, a woman who experienced sagging and disproportionate face, as she got older. Toi decided to consult with Aya Clinic because she had seen so many positive reviews from us and always been following us all the time in order to ensure that she would make the right decision. After the consulting with Aya Clinic, she was confident enough to trust us.
Dr. Prin, a specialized surgeon in the facial cosmetic field was in charge of Toi’s case. He used 8D thread lift, which is a specialized technique that a group of surgeons came up with in order to provide the best result. It started from designing a facial structure.
After that, Dr. Prin would apply 8D thread to fix sagging face and turn to a v shape as Toi wanted. In the various steps of 8D thread lift; it must be practiced in a standard sterile room. The importance of the technique is that it results in a very tiny scar. It swells a little but it leaves no bruises. Some of you might not believe what you read; therefore, we have pictures to prove. What Is 8D Thread Like?           The feature of the needle is blunt, hence, it does not cut blood or nerve vessel and a patient would not feel any pain. It swells less than a regular thread lift technique. 8D thread is a premium grade that has a 360-degree cog. It can pull up to 8 directions and see an immediate result. It lasts long up to 1 – 2 years.
See? The scars are very tiny. Now let us take a look at Toi’s face. Let us see whether Dr. Prin would be able to make Toi’s achieve her wish or not. See the result of post-treatment.
So this is the result of Toi’s treatment that she herself said “I am not disappointed at all by flying all the way from Germany just to come to Aya Clinic.” We are happy to see that Toi was satisfied and happy. We would like to tell you that whether you are interested in thread lift other types of cosmetic surgeries, the most important thing to consider is, you always have to do research very well. Do not just consider it based on its price, because you might have to more than once in the future. Aya Clinic would love to be able a part of your beauty journey and provide with the best and safe result.