Thread Lift: Transform a Mother to a Sister

Hi everyone! I am A-Ko. I have been working behind the scene in an entertainment industry and have met so many people all the time. With this reason, I felt I needed to take care of myself more, as I could not let myself just like that. I still wanted to be a young looking mother hehe. 2 – 3 months ago, I had a chance to do HIFU at Anya Clinic to by lifting my face there. I could actually see the result to some extent, but I still saw my existing sagging cheek. So I went back to consult with a surgeon again, as I felt that I may need to do thread lift. I have to say the thread lift work by Dr. Prin was really good. His hand weight was so light that I did not feel any pain. He is also very specialized and experienced in his field. I made an appointment with Dr. Prin at Aya Clinic Srinakarin Seacon Square branch (He usually works at this branch). He advised me that, once we get older, the less collagen we have. With this reason, HIFU alone may not be helpful enough and thread lift might be needed for a better result. So I decided to go for it that day. Let me explain each step with pictures shortly. First you need to clean your face and apply anesthetic and leave it there for 30 – 45 minutes Then the surgeon will design a thread direction and inject you Once the medicine kicks in, the surgery will get started. Let me have the pictures tell the story during the time I did thread lift. He would regularly ask me if I hurt or not – and if I do, just simply tell him. He seemed to know very well that I was so scared. This one is the picture that I finished doing 1 side. You can see the difference here very clearly. My sagging cheek got lifted up and no more nasolabial folds. So this is a comparison picture between before and after – 1 week after the thread lift. I have to say that everyone addressed me what I have done that I looked younger and I had more chin. And this is my thread lift story – the story of someone who wants to turn back in time from being a mother to be a sister. So what do you think? Personally, I am very impressed with the result. There is not even a scar or swell.