8D-V Locked Lifting Thread Lift from Korean technique

8D thread lift is a technique that applies melting thread to lift your face in order to reduce wrinkles and improve your facial shape without surgery. The technique is originally from Korea. The technique helps lifting your face and allows you to have your desired shape. It stimulates cell in producing new collagen around the thread area; as a result, it tightens and freshens your face skin. It also helps stimulating blood circulation on skin layer in order to make your face looks healthier. The majority of people who do the thread lift are between 35 – 55 years old.

The latest technique of thread lift, 8D from Korea; comes with 360° bidirectiona that is a two-way cog which can improve efficiency on face lifting very well. It also comes with a blunt needle that would not dangerously cut blood or nerve vessel. With this reason, it reduces swell and recovery period after the treatment. Your face will look younger and have more defined facial contour.

Benefits of Thread Lift

  1. Improve and reshape your face.
  2. Have a more defined facial contour.
  3. Fix eyebrow’s arch shape.
  4. Lift up sagging cheek, nasolabial folds or marionette lines.
  5. Recover facial skin and add collagen to it in order to make your face look younger.

The result of Thread Lift

  • It will last about 2 – 3 years * depending on an individual’s care

Pre-Thread Lift Instruction

  1. A Surgeon will analyze your facial structure first before doing the thread lift.
  2. Wash off makeup and wipe your face.
  3. Apply anesthetic on the area that you want to lift and let it stay there for 30 – 45 minutes.
  4. The surgeon will inject anesthetic into the area that is to be lifted in order to prevent possible pain.
  5. The surgeon will bring thread that is at the tip of a needle and apply it into your skin in the direction of the part you want to lift. The direction will be applied based on consideration of a patient’s facial structure.
  6. After all of the above process is done, take medication and go home.

Post-Thread Lift Treatment

  1. You will instantly see the result. There will be no big scar – and you can go home immediately without needing to stay for recovery.
  2. You can wash your face as usual, however, it is recommended avoiding applying powder and putting makeup on the lifted area. You do not want to have any dirt touching your scar, as it may cause inflammation.
  3. The scar will fade after 2 – 3 days.

 Thread of the Clinic

“Cog Thread” is the current best one that is available in the market. It has a big thread with a small cog coming out from 2 sides of the thread’s length – which is in order to adhere to the skin layer and lift up the sagging skin immediately. It also helps stimulating in producing new collagen around the thread. Hence, it makes you have a more defined facial contour and healthier skin.

“Screw Thread” looks like a spring – which helps improving efficiency in lifting you face better than regular PDO. It has highly safety in preventing any cause to the skin; due to it can melt away.

8D Thread Lift Reviews

** Note: The result may depend on an individual, age, and post-treatment care