Reduce Wrinkles and Improve Facial Contour with Botulinum Toxin & Filler

Botulinum toxin is a substance that works in relaxing muscles. It is widely used in cosmetic surgery industry in order to enhance beauty to faces.

What Can It Do?

Reduce wrinkles on your face such as on forehead, eyelid, and eyebrow frown lines

Reduce jaw muscle size and make your face smaller

Reduce thigh muscle size

Reduce sweat on armpit

Cure migraine (for more information:

Reduce pore size and freshen your face with a special technique


7 – 10 days to see the result

4 – 6 months for onset period

** Note: The result may depend on an individual, age, and post-treatment care.

Filler is a synthetic substance. We use non-permanent type or also known as HA (Hyaluronic acid). It is used in fixing flaws on your face in order to reshape it to your desire. We use Juvederm (USA) and Restylane (Sweden) brands that have worldwide standard quality.

Where and What Can You Apply or Do with Filler?

Paranasal augmentation

Under eye filler

Chin augmentation


Temple augmentation

Cheek augmentation

Forehead augmentation

Add wrinkles on your neck and backhand


You can see the result immediately after the treatment. It will last up to 12 – 15 months (depending on types of HA Filler you use).

Things You Need to Know Before Applying Filler

  1. The only current safe and widely popular used filler is the one that comes from Hyaluronic acid-HA substances. It has molecule similarly to hyaluronic in human body. There are only a few brands that have passed FDA in Thailand. Our clinic uses Juvederm from the USA and Restylane from Sweden.
  2. HA filler can variously last 12 – 15 months depending on sub types of HA substances. A big molecule is likely to last longer, but most of them do not last longer than this duration. The benefit of it is that it melts away naturally without having to fix it. You can also inject with hyaluronidase in order to accelerate the melting process.
  3. The safe and FDA approved HA fillers are categorized depending on the size of molecule of HA. Apart from the requirement to select a good and FDA approved brand, the surgeon also needs to select sub types of the substance depending on the size of molecule and viscosity – in order to be able to inject on preferred part. This is due to skin layers from each part are different. For example, if you do chin augmentation, we need to use a hard and strong one – at the same time, if you want do cheek augmentation or under eye filler, you will need the one that is soft and does not turn to a lump. Also, if you want to inject it on your lips, then you will need a very soft one in order to have the most natural looking lips.

There are 4 cases that the people have gone through filler but they do not know what kind of filler they used and claimed that the one they used, have lasted for several years. It is possible that their filler (non HA) may not be FDA approved and not liquid silicone; hence, these substances are not able to melt. The only way to get rid of them is to scrape off. It could cause granuloma like a lump in a long period of time and be impossible to fix in the future.

How to Notice the Real Filler


Using filler and botulinum toxin for a cosmetic purpose requires years of experience and expertise – along with a qualified standard medicine. Since it is art, the work must be carried out from a professional surgeon who can create beauty as natural as possible. Each individual will have different kinds of beauty in their own style mainly depending on their needs. Also, different ages have different facial problems; therefore, treatment will be varied.

Whether it is to fix facial shape or reduce wrinkles, it always requires combination therapy procedure by the surgeon who will do the surgery step by step. Using filler and botulinum toxin for the cosmetic purpose is not a joke that you can simply inject it on anyone. With this reason, cheap promotion should not be a priority for consideration, but years of experience of a surgeon and quality standard of medicine are.

** Note: The result may depend on an individual, age, and post-treatment care.