hifu ยกหน้า

Lift Up Your Face and Reduce Neck Wattle without Surgery by High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound HIFU

HIFU is a technology for facial lifting without requiring surgery

HIFU stands for high-intensity focused ultrasound, which focuses on lifting faces, reducing wrinkles and recover skin by sending energy of ultrasound to the skin. It will send signal deep to SMAS skin, which is the same layer that a surgeon uses for facial surgery. After that, the ultrasound energy will be converted to heat and cause contraction of the SMAS, as well as, every layer of the skin. From the contraction, it will distinctly help lifting up your face and make it look firmer. Due to the high frequency of the ultrasound that will go through the skin layer without stimulating nerve cell, the patient will therefore not feel any pain and does not have any side effect either. You can wear makeup regularly.

HIFU is suitable for the following cases:

  • Lifting faces and fixing facial shape without wanting injection or recovery
  • Sagging skin and lacking of firmness
  • Disproportionate facial structure
  • Eyebrow’s arch shape problem
  • Neck wattle and extra fat around neck area


The Result of the Treatment

  • You can see the result instantly about 30% after the treatment. You will find that your sagging cheek fuller and firmer compared to before treatment.
  • The result will be seen 100% within 4 – 6 weeks due to new produced collagen.
  • The result will last long up to 6 – 12 months (depending on an individual’s care and problem).

** Note: The result may depend on an individual, age, and post-treatment care.