A Former Unemployed Girl to a Busy Girl after Having Her Makover

Hi! Today is a lucky day. We would like to share an experience of Mink, a girl who once was unemployed because she never got a job at any casting she had attended. Originally, Mink is not an ugly person at all, but sometimes there were people who were better looking than her. It is undeniable that in this generation, look comes first. She decided to have a makeover in order to boost her profitable chance. She chose Aya Clinic as her beauty consultant for the makeover.

Before makeover

Dr. Fai was in charge of Mink’s makeover. It started by, Dr Fai would ask questions about Mink’s problems and made a consideration from her actual face and photos that were taken from her casting. Mink has quite a round face; therefore, Dr. Fai introduced her facial cosmetic program starting from changing her facial shape and adjusting her facial structure into a more v shape. Filler is also applied on her chin in the process in order to boost dimension.

After the first makeover

Mink was very impressed with the result; however, Dr. Fai saw another part that she could lighten up Mink’s look. She recommended Mink adding Filler under her eyes in order to have her face looking flawless. Let us take a look at her latest look on how beautiful she is and whether she will be able to escape from unemployment or not.

After the second makeover

Before and after

For those of you who are interested in having a flawless makeover by a professional surgeon, feel free to visit both branches of Aya Clinic.