IMPOSSIBLE! Neck Wattle Gone in 3 Months

Today, Aya Clinic would like to present a story of Ann Karuna Morris, a famous Thai actress. Ann had a serious problem with excess fat on a specific part of her body. In the beginning, Ann tried several methods to lose her excess fat by herself, however, she still could not manage to get it and it seemed to take a long period of time to see the result. Ann decided to consult with Aya Clinic from our beautiful surgeon, Dr. Fai. She is experienced in facial beauty surgery, design facial structure and fixing the problems right on the spot. With this reason, Ann was confident to trust us and started her treatment with Aya Clinic

This treatment, Dr. Fai used HIFU along with our knight, Mesofat

Mesofat that the surgeon used for removing excess fat or melting fat accumulation in subcutaneous, its amount was used depending on the amount of fat accumulation. The surgeon will be the one who assesses each procedure based safety foundation. It is unbelievable that it took only 3 months to have such a transformation. Look at the result.

Main Cause of Excess Fat

          Excess fat is a beauty problem for people of over 20 years old because excess fat on body parts such as cheek, chin, upper arm, stomach, waist and hip plays a big role on confidence level In daily life.

A diet that has excess portion or high calories such as carbohydrates, sugar, fat and so on – can turn to fat accumulation when the portion or calories go over its metabolism rate. The more fat accumulation, the more your body will start to get bigger. With this reason, we have this new innovation to melt your fat on a specific body part without having to recover.

Post-Mesofat Treatment Recommendation for a Better Result

  • Drink water at least 2 liters per day because liquid fat that is melted from Mesofat will mostly excrete into urine. Therefore, drinking lots of water can help excreting the fat from your body.
  • During the exemption period from Mesofat, we recommend doing HIFU or RF in order to remove your fat quicker, tighten your muscles, and reduce sagging skin after injection.
  • You may experience swelling or some pain a little. During the treatment and post treatment period after 1 – 3 days, we recommend avoiding sauna, massage, drinking alcohol or any other types of treatment for a week in order to prevent any bruises.
  • We recommend you working out lightly such as fast-pace walking or aerobic at least 30 – 45 minutes and 2 -3 times a week in order to make your muscles firm, remove your fat quicker, and reduce fat accumulation.
  • Change your diet in order to watch your weight and prevent excess fat from returning. Removing fat with Mesofat will be useless, if you do not change your bad habit and live without a discipline.

For those who are interested in transforming your facial shape like Ann, you can come to consult with our surgeon at Aya Clinic at both branches.