Get Your Face on the Fleek with Facial Cosmetic Program

New came to consult with the clinic due to she had big face and short chin problems. These problems can simply be solved with our facial cosmetic program without surgery needed. It will help reshaping your face to get more into shape and proportionate by combination of various techniques from our specialized surgeons.
New consulted with Dr. Fai to solve the problems. What New wanted was a smaller face with proportionate size. Dr. Fai recommended New doing the facial cosmetic program by Aya Clinic with inclusion of adding filler on chin in order to make her face look even. After that New applied anesthetic and left for 15 -3 50 minutes in order to prevent pain from the treatment.  What Is Filler?? Filler is a substance that applies for beauty purpose on wrinkles and lines on your face. Adding filler is basically adding amount of its substance to a specific body part such as chin, eye bags, cheek or lips to make it look fuller. Filler contains hyaluronic acid collagen. After the filler treatment, you will see the result immediately and it will last about 1 – 2 years. Post Filler Treatment
  1. The first 72 hours of taking care should not include intense workout or being exposed in the sunlight because it can red marks all over the treated area.
  2. Do no touch or massage on the treated area because it might make the filler move from its position to a wrong position.
  3. Drink lots of water especially during the first 3 – 4 days after the treatment because filler is a substance that carries water. With this reason, drinking lots of water will help coordinating with molecule of the filler better. It will make you look natural.
After the anesthetic step was done, it was the time to fix the facial shape along with adding the filler under her chin. We will see the result how much New has changed.
You can see a noticeable result that she now has a v shape from our program and adding the filler under her chin makes her face look even more proportionate and supports her v shape very well. For those of you who are having a similar problem like New and want to change yourself, Dr. Fai recommend visiting the clinic first so that she judge your facial structure and plan for the future treatment. Most importantly, all of the process is done step by step by specialized surgeons.