If It Is Not a “V Shape”, It Is Out. #vshapeisrich!!

Hi! I would like to share my experience of having v shape surgery for the first time. As we know, V shape trend is on the rise, so I simply wanted to have too. Originally, I had a round face and a short chin. It kind of took away my confidence whenever I took a picture. Here is my picture before I had v shape.

From the front face picture, you can see that I have cheek and jaw excessively, as well as, my short chin.


Before I had the surgery done, I made a lot of research about changing my facial shape. I also made an appointment with a surgeon. So I received quite a few good tips that I would like to you guys who are in the same position I was.

  1. Bloated cheek is caused due to excess fat stored in this area. It looks cute when you were a kid, but when you grew up, it makes you look fat. For those of you who have this bloated check problem, you should definitely check out Mesofat program.
  2. Too much jaw muscle – most of the causes are usually genetic and those who like to chew also has an effect in working too much on the jaw muscle, as a result, bigger jaw. It is pretty much like people who do weight training. For those who have this problem, you can try Botox on your jaw in order to reduce the size of its muscle. It will take about 7 – 14 days to see the result.
  3. Short chin is the problem that I had to deal with. It made my face look so round and disproportionate. I decided to research about how I could make my chin longer and then I found chin filler. It is a very, safe and painless process to go through. It can last about 1 year, however, you need to have it done with a specialized surgeon in order to get a beautiful chin.

Once you get all of the information, now it is the time to select a clinic. I chose Aya Clinic, which is a dermatology and aesthetic clinic that has a group of specialized surgeon in aesthetic. You can do everything here from reducing chin with Botox, Mesofat on your bloated cheek to chin filler.

3 -4 days after the surgery, my face started getting into the shape more. I remember I felt that my jaw did not have much energy, which pretty much implies that the Botox seemed to be working. I drank a lot of water because Mesofat on the bloated cheek can excrete the excess fat through urine.

After 1 week, my face looked smaller.

After 1 month, my face had finally gotten into the shape. My face kind of changed a lot. It is smaller now.

For those of you who have the similar problem, try consulting with the surgeon. They have so many new technological tools to fix your problems safely.