Review from Sagging Cheek and Neck Wattle Girl, Now a V Shape Girl…!!

Hello everyone! I am Dew Dew Pimpakan Wongsrikaew, an actress from Channel 7. Today, I would like to share my experience from a girl who once had a sagging neck wattle, now has a v shape face. Originally, I tended to have excess fat on my cheek. So whenever, I was in a camera, I looked like I was bloating. Personally, I had tried several clinics to fix my fatty cheek, but none of them actually worked out until I decided to consult with Aya Clinic. The surgeon really did give me a very detailed advice. They recommend me trying HIFU in order to lift up my face along with injecting Mesofat in order to melt the fat under neck. So they suggested if I did both, I would clearer result. So check it out!

With Dr. Prin

Let us start with the first picture. Free makeup! You can clearly see my sagging cheek and neck wattle.



Continue with the left and right picture to emphasize on my fat.

Now it is finally time to get rid of it. The surgeon started with HIFU. During the procedure, it felt slightly painful, but if you want to look, you must have patience.

After HIFU, no time to waste. I continued with Mesofat. I hardly felt a thing when I was injected with a needle.

After the surgery was done, I went back home immediately. I did not have to recover or anything. I could start working right away. And this is the picture of me – 1 month after the surgery. My sagging cheek and neck wattle started to get firmer. A lot of people in my crew asked me what I have done because my face did not go consistently with their previous scene haha. Now I am very impressed with the result.

But!! We do not stop just right here because women never stop looking good. I decided to make an appointment with the surgeon again and I met Khun Fai. After discussing with her, she made her observation and suggested that I should get injection to melt because I still had some fat left and for a better result. However, I did not have time to rest like I did before, so I told her that I needed the one that I could see the result quicker; like do it today and see the result tomorrow. So she suggested the Slim Fast Program, which allows me to see the result within 3 days. So I did it right away.

Khun Fai’s hand is as light as Khun Prin when it comes to injecting a needle. I did not feel a thing haha.

And now here we are at the last part. This is my latest picture. Even myself is a little shocked by the picture haha.

So what do you think? Are you shocked? Haha. All of my sagging cheek is completely gone now. I feel I look younger. To be honest, I am very impressed.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who reads the whole thing. I can assure you 100% of the result. Everyone I met all addressed my new face. Now no matter what angle of the camera is, I feel I am ready for everything. I also have a video below for those of you who may not like to ready anything long.

Anyway, I have to go back and start working first. Beauty comes, so does work! I will come back and update my beauty experience again next time. Bye bye!