3-Month Result with Life-Changing Acne Treatment

Hi, my name is Mint. Today, I have a story based on my hideous experience to share to you guys. It was definitely one of the worst experiences I have ever had in my entire life, which was an allergy to facial creams that were easily sold. I was deceived by their ads because I thought it would actually with 7-day result products. It started back when I wanted to have a product that could give me free acne and smooth face within 7 days. I decided to find a facial cream product to buy. In the beginning, it really did work. My face was fair and smooth. Right after that, it seemed like chemicals in the product started to have it effect. It changed from my smooth and fair face to a face full of Mallorca acne. I was shocked and I stopped using the product immediately. I hardly wanted to go out to meet people. I have to admit I was really sufferable. I decided to find other facial product to heal these acnes on my face; however, it got even worse. It was as if these pimples were competing to be born on my face. My face was gloomy, unsmooth and full of comedonal acnes.
Let me explain to you first about my facial cream allergy, in case, you might confuse whether I was allergy to the product or I was just simply having pimples naturally. The signal that told me I was being allergic to the cream products was that I started getting rashes and they all looked like pimples but without heads. It always appeared instantly right after I stopped using the cream. It definitely did cause from comedonal acnes. Whenever it was healed, it did not leave any scars, but sometimes it felt itchy or had pus. Whoever is the same situation like me, please stop using whatever product you are using immediately. It is advisable for you to go see a dermatologist, instead of wasting time to find the right products because it may ruin your face even worse.
Once I had my conscious back, I realized that taking acne drug pill had no definite time when it was going to be all healed. On that day, I was hanging out at the Seacon Square and saw Aya Clinic, so I decided to enter and asked about acne programs and recommendations to deal with acnes. The staff there suggested me to take acne course, which was a laser course that focused on removing blemishes. I came to meet the surgeon every 2 week along with following their instruction. Once my acnes started to fade and left but scars, the surgeon immediately did laser on it. Now lines on my face are starting to fade away.
Now it has been about 3 months that I have been doing the treatment here. It is clear to me that my face has gotten much better. My face is almost back to its normal state. It still has some few scars left. Forgot to mention that, one of the reasons what I like about here is that, the staff here are incredibly nice and do not push on selling their courses too much. I said this because I had an experience before with one clinic that kept trying to sell me their course without little explanation. It made me feel so uncomfortable. Anyway, I would recommend Aya Clinic being one of your considered choices. You can definitely solve your problems and your acnes will absolutely be gone. Furthermore, please watch out carefully on any products that advertise exaggeratedly because it is not worth for you having to spend months or years to treat your allergy. I hope this review would be informative to all of you. Thanks!